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About Us

Maine Biosensors was founded in 2019  to commercialize biological and medical sensor technology developed at the University of Maine. A radar-based bee activity sensor is marketed under license to Broodminder LLC. The current, passive, infrared bee activity sensor has been in development for three years. It is now in production by Maine Biosensors.

Herbert Aumann, Owner of MaineBiosensors LLC

Herbert Aumann worked for fifty years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory as a senior scientist, building and testing advanced radar systems. Upon retirement, he taught and carried out research in Electrical Engineering as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maine for another ten years. He is one of the founders and now the owner of Maine Biosensors LLC. 


He lives with his wife, a dog ond a cat on a farm in central Maine. He has been a beekeeper for seven years.

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