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Events observed by HiveSentry

The HiveSentry base station displays the amount of bee flying activity in front of the hive during the course of a day. Measurements of up to four hives can be compared. Certain hive events should draw the attention of the beekeeper. An alarm can be set and will sound if an event exceeds a preset level.

Normal beehive behavior

A brief, low level increase in afternoon flying activity is usually of no concern. However, a comparative lack of flying activity under favorable weather conditions, when other hives are busy, indicates that this hive may have problems.

Beehive swarming

Swarms, with high levels of flying activity, usually occur in the morning on a sunny day. A timely alert  to such activity will give the beekeeper a chance to capture the swarm while it is still near by.

Beehive robbing

Robbing is indicated by high-level, all-day fenzied flying activity late in the season. The beekeeper must intervene to prevent loss of the hives.

Beehive intrusion

The HiveSentry system also works like a conventional intrusion alarm.  The alarm, when enabled, is active 24-hours/day.

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